Tim Dreby

I am an award-winning author and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Raised in a private school and I sought refuge in college in a ghetto community to hide a history of male anorexia. I became a social worker in 1993 and worked my way through maintaining a creative writing habit on the side. My first publication was in 2015, entitled, Fighting for Freedom in America: Memoir of a “Schizophrenia” and Mainstream Cultural Delusions. It chronicles my experience taking on a section 8 management company, police and black market forces that intermingled to run things. I have received awards in three contests so far.




I have established this website to sell my book, promote my writing and advance my therapy career. To do this I write from the following three platforms:



Working through Psychosis

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This started out with this as the title for my blog site. I found in learning to blog as a means of marketing my book that I needed to focus on three different audiences to address my niche. I believe I have a unique perspective on working with psychosis that stems from journeying through both sides of the corridor. People who are familiar and understand my work consider me a mole in the system who has built my own therapy platform, Special Messages. In general these are stories that go against the cotton industry I work for, forging passage ways toward freedom. In short, I write these posts to help out inspire people to accept their stigmatized experiences to heal from abuse and achieve the meaning and purpose they seek.



For Providers

For Family Members






Write To Live







I consider myself an odd working class writer who creatively reflects on his experience in the trenches. Staring out with a very straight-laced education, I have constantly had to redeem myself to learn about the truth of who I am. I never did have the privilege of a writing community to support me. I have never even sought publication or had anyone to share my work with. I just intensely re-wrote to take care of myself. This means when I have gotten in trouble I have barely been able to hold on and avoid hitting the streets. So some of my work has that mentality.




Community Art and Philosophy (Guest Posts)






Special Messages


As a psychotherapist, I have envisioned a new way to work with people who experience what is commonly labeled “psychosis” across diagnostic divides. I consider this work a road map to the rabbit-hole. Developed as a means of structuring professional group therapy for psychosis, I have created an eight-component redefinition of psychosis and present eight somewhat coinciding solutions to help people learn how to get their groove on. I have done this to revolutionize treatment for “psychosis” and have developed extensive training for providers. I have written two drafts of a book to help me prepare for presentations, but have the project on the shelf because I have to learn how to author a book as such. This was a project that was inspired by word of the hearing voices movement before it hit the United States.



Platform Articles